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General Reading

You may ask about your business, employees, court cases, kids, relationships, decisions, jobs, schools... you can ask about almost anything. We will address as many questions as possible and you can ask many different questions on different topics. Even if you don't know what to ask, trust that there will be guidance and insights you are ready to hear, just by having an appointment. This will be a psychic reading and may include the use of tarot or oracle cards.
Select from In Person, Phone, Skype, or E-mail Readings.

Life Purpose

Find out what career or calling is in your destiny. Most people have signs all their life however finally experience an ah-ha moment with a life purpose reading. Includes mini astrology and numerology.
*Most Popular Reading 1 Hour Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype) or 3 Hour Life Coaching Package


Is this person the best choice for you? Find out the emotions and other hidden aspects to help you gain clarity and insight. Bring information about the other person with you, such as name, birthdate, photos (on your smartphone is OK), etc. Many people have me read potential daters on dating apps and social media!
Minimum 30 Minute Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype)

Animal Communication

Receive messages from your furry family... favorite foods, likes/dislikes, health, and pet mediumship is available. Knowing your pet's name is suitable, brining a photo can be helpful.
Minimum 30 Minute Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype)

Medical Intuition

Sada has studied natural healing modalities, nutrition, and pre-med in college, which gives her a large library of information that she can interpret in your reading for very specific advice. *not a substitute professional medical advice. I will only read for YOU, and not for someone else (such as a family member ot friend you are curious about). I do not read without consent.
Minimum 30 Minute Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype)

Business Decisions

Help navigating the outcomes of business decisions, court cases, employees to hire, and more. Sada has been in corporate environment since 1999, and a full time business owner and consultant since 2006, giving her a large library of information to relate to when receiving your messages. Bring accurate spelling of names of businesses or employees.
Minimum 30 Minute Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype)


Connect with your loved ones or experts in spirit. Brining names, birthdates, momentos, and photos can help the experience.
Minimum 30 Minute Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype)

HSP, Rainbow, Crystal, and Indigo Children

 Can be very helpful for both the parents and kids to find out what energies and sensitivities need to be addressed in the home to restore balance. Kids are welcome to be present however do not need to be. Bring photos, names, or birthdates to help during the reading.
Minimum 30 Minute Reading Suggested (In Person, Phone, or Skype)

Space Clearing

Learn more about the energy of your environment, and how to improve it. Can improve sales, business productivity, and brighten the mood in a space. I have been able to predict sale/rent prices, timing, clients, and more.
Please contact to inquire if this service is available in your location. 

Crystals Readings and Energy

May include any of the following: psychic message about what crystals resonate with you and will help you most, the use of crystal cards, picking from a collection of crystals for your divination,  receiving a message directly from your personal crystals (please bring a special one with you or photo if this is your wish), receiving a custom inuitive healing bracelet, help with personal crystal shopping, and short crystal reiki and energy sessions. Energy sessions may help address an energy area identified during your reading, or be a training session to help you learn how to FEEL crystal energy yourself (as I amplify the crystal for you!).
Book 30 Minutes for a Crystal Reading, or choose a 45 Min Crystal Appointment to include 15 minutes Crystal Reiki.


Distannce Reiki sessions for yourself or pets, including the use of crystal grids are available. Reiki is excellent for removing stress, improving clarity, and raising your overall vibration. Currently I am not accepting in-person clients in Nevada City.
May be available for outcall Mon-Tue in the Grass Valley and Nevada City area. Please contact to inquire about availablity.

Parties and Events

Includes 2 full hours, no additional gratuity required, guests may visit for brief 10 minute 1-on-1 readings. Includes table decorations such as crystals, candles, and crystal lamps.
Price $222 for 2 Hours or $22 per person  (15 min each).
Please contact to book your party or event.

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