Sada Nam Kaur

sada nam kaurMy reading style is a mix of intuition with positive results coaching. Although I can do many types of readings, my favorite and most beneficial is helping identify and move forward with your Life's Purpose.

Don't know what to ask? Many of my clients sit down and receive messages simply by providing a name, birth date, an object, or photo in my hand.

I am a real psychic, and typically begin your reading without additional tools such as tarot cards, however I may use them occasionally for additional validation.

It's not enough to just answer a simple question, I also desire to help you move forward with confidence. In your session I may help you ask powerful questions such as: What is causing this? What's the next step? What's the highest and best option available? How can this circumstance be improved?

You will leave a reading feeling empowered to make positive change.

I'm Certified as an Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader in person by Doreen Virtue in Maui, Hawaii, 2014. I'm a Certified Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Realm Reader, Crystal Reader, Fairyologist, and Life Purpose Coach. I've also completed numerous courses in Tarot, Remote Viewing, Medical Intuition, Dowsing, Coaching, and Energy Healing Modalities.. and currently enrolled in many more.

Professionally I've spent over a decade as a full-time Marketing Consultant, Marketing Trainer, and Small Business Owner. I've additionally worked in Futures/Commodities, Health and Wellness, and was once a Professional Violinist. Currently I still own and operate my e-commerce business, and booked as a regular Psychic for special events in Las Vegas, NV.

My clients range from Corporate CEO's seeking business and legal advice to other psychics and healers that are developing their practice.

Certifications and Areas of Study

Below is a sample of the courses I've completed, in addition I have been reading related subject books since 1995, practicing with friends that are healers, attending local classes, and taking workshops online.

Life Purpose Coach

Transformation Academy

Life Coaching with emphasis on Life Purpose. Currently completing Goal Success Coaching

Reiki Master and Crystal, Animal, Color Therapy Reiki Master

Lisa Powers

I enrolled in my first reiki class in 2005, however recent classes solidified my practice and I am witnessing wonderful results! I've received at least 20 different energy healing attunements, and studied many energy healing modalities in addition to reiki.  Currently completing Color Therapy Reiki Master

The Official Learn Remote Viewing Course, Remote Viewing Geoloc, GPS, Investors, Influencing & More

Various Teachers

I use my own RV methods I learned through books, and direct guidance from God / source. These classes have taught me what NOT to do - which is why I don't give the teachers credit.

Certified Fairyologist

Doreen Virtue

Study of the nature spirits and elemental realm. verified listing

Introduction to Dowsing and Transcendental Dowsing

Core Freedom Academy

Study of dowsing for intuitive readings, and removing and influencing energy.

Certified Angel Card Reader

Doreen Virtue

Attended the live Maui workshop in 2014  How use Tarot and Oracle cards and practiced reading clients.

Certified Angel Intuitive

Doreen Virtue

Attended the live Maui workshop in 2014 Angel Therapy and practice reading clients. verified listing

Certified Realm Reader

Doreen Virtue

Online course to learn how to determine spiritual realm and past lives.

Clairvoyance Therapy

Doreen Virtue

Online course to improve clairvoyance.

Medical Intuition Intensive

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

Online live course studying human anatomy, intuition, and emotional components.

Ingetrity and Ethics

  • Integrity and boundaries with who and what I will look into. For example I will read you with your permission, and what the best actions are for your best outcome, however not dig around in someone else's health or personal life without their permission.  Keeping us both out of other people's karma!
  • I set positive intentions and prayers for every session. Such as praying for the highest and best outcomes for everyone involved.
  • I keep God #1 when asking for answers. I work with "Spirit Guides" only when they are messengers from God. 

A Brief History of My Intuitive Development

From when I was a few years old I remember hearing and seeing spirits, being scared of my haunted room, and having many of the symptoms of what we now know is typical of an indigo child.

I started meditating and searching for answers in my teens by reading a few books on spirituality and religion. Shortly after I tried meditating a few times, I began having daily clairvoyance and although I was scared of it, it proved to be helpful. In High School I wrote an essay about seeing spirits, which was confirmed by my teacher that she saw a 20/20 special on the phenominom.... this is before internet resources were available in the 1990's.

I avoided being in a car accident one day, because it just felt right to skip lunch with my high school friends. As a lifeguard, and before every rescue I was ready to jump in moments before I spotted the person in need of help. I started telling a few trusted High School and College friends my predictions, because they became reliable. I called out every lying/cheating romantic date with specific details! I have seen many turn ghost white and drop their jaw in a stunned expression when I told them exactly what they were trying to hide from me (in hindsight they have been some of my greatest intuitive teachers!)

In my early 20's I was oddly approached many times, in grocery stores and even in corporate offices. Some said they could tell I was spiritual and invited me to be trained in energy healing, even though I was dressed very professional. Others wanted to hire me for Competitive Intelligence because I would know answers in meetings despite my age and inexperience. One music production company that hired me called me "the shark" because I could sit in discreetly and discernce the truth in meetings.

I developed many of the Life Purpose exercises I now use with clients in my own inner work to find my career. After doing many of these exercises I spent the 10+ years as a full time marketing consultant which was the perfect fit for me at the time, and I still do some marketing consulting today.

Overall I've always been an intutive problem solver that wants to help make businesses and people more successful. However I also struggled with being my true self, as sometimes I could see business and people on the wrong path, a company that was doomed to fail, and I was in no place to tell them about their outcomes without logical evidence. As I watched my intuitive insights pass accurately year after year my confidene ontinued to devleope (and many of my corporate clients also loved getting readings in the offie after hours!)

I've always been very passionate about natural healing, yoga, raw food, and veganism with the intention to heal myself. Unknowingly to me at first, these practices resulted in raising my vibration (which increases intuition). One day began channelling by accident, after a life coach friend suggested I try a journaling exercise. I wrote for hours words that were not my own. When I started to research what was happening I found a video by Stuart Pearce, an expert on Angels and consultant to European royalty... he said the exact names I was hearing. Which were not "Archangel Ariel" however heavy on the vowels as if spoken "R-I-E-L". This was the first of many confirmations.

However, I still thought maybe somehow this was due to chance... Maybe somehow I could have known? Still people sought me out for readings. Some thought it was entertaining to have me guess what they had for lunch. Many others sent me referrals for health related questions as I was known in my 20's for being well educated in holistic health.

In 2014 I registered for Doreen Virtue's live Angel Intuitive course. All I wanted was a few relaxing days in Maui, surrounded by spiritual and positive people. I didn't read the class description. I thought she would be speaking on stage like any other author, I would take a few notes, and meet a few new friends. I actually did not know much about Doreen, I loved her book called Angel Words on the science of positive speaking.

Surprisingly to me, the entire course, and the extra Monday course (4 total days), was 1-on-1 readings with complete strangers in the class. I had no idea when I signed up I would be doing actual readings.

After a few readings people were asking how long I had been a professional, and some lined up at lunch to have me hold their hand and tell them about their past lives. I had no idea that my similar ability to catch a cheating boyfriend with clairvoyance also worked for complete strangers. I also traveled with a group of healers that had me practice many types of readings for 2 solid weeks while traveling in Hawaii.

After I left Hawaii my angel guides wanted to continue my schooling, and continually people in public approached me for readings, and refferals kept coming in. I became friends with many other intuitives and healers, and we regularly exchanged training and readings.

As people approached me for different types of help, such as Mediumship, Animal Readings, Business Readings, etc, I continued to develop my abilities. This still continues to this day, as challenges and lessons are presented to me, as if by divine timing, right before a client needs to hear the same message.

Many of my closest friends are other psychics and healers of all kinds. Practicing together and helping each other is our passion. In addition to all the courses and books, my community has been a great sourcce of knowledge and inspiration.

Mostof the time, I received an intuitive message in a new way, and then study the topic for further validation. I am still my biggest skeptic and research everything to try and understand that this is true and possible! I estimate that I completed at least 100 practice readings before I decided to turn professional. I've also taken as many courses as possible to further validate that this is completely real, and understand how this works. I reached a point of great discernment where I am very confident in an intuitive message I receive. I always pass this on to you my client when I am sure a message is important and accurate.

My Mission

It isn't enough for me to just provide you with a psychic answer. I am here to help you get clarity on whatever is troubling you, and change it for the better. So if you are in a reading with me, and we get an answer for you, I will also ask my guides on your behalf "what are the next steps?" and "how can you make this happen?"

I am not the type of reader that will want to dive into negativity, spy on other people, and go in circles down the drain about how everything can fail. I will coach you to ask more empowering questions, that can attract better answers. I am very solutions oriented. I focus on positive, accurate answers, that will make a real difference in your life, and the steps to acheive it.

Additional Professional Background

It's easiest to define myself as a modern day renessaince woman.

Here's a few of my past careers and passions: Study of Holistic Health since 2003 and Vegan since 2010, Parks and Recreation Employee, Studied Kinesiology and Classical Music in college, Life Guard, Swim Coach, Professional Voilinist 10+ yrs, Head of Productions and A/R Management (music entertainment), E-commerce business owner 10+ yrs, Contract Administrator for Commodities/Oil Futures, Speaker (marketing training and software), Marketing Consultant 10+ yrs, Web Designer and Developer, Super Affiliate (a top producing affiliate generating millions in revenue for my clients), and much more.

 All of this experience has made me well-rounded with a library of mental images to provide specific detaile readings and advice.

The main lesson I learned from all my experience is that it takes both intuition and real world action to have the best results. We don't live in one without the other, whih is why I provide a mix of both coaching methods and intuition in my sessions.

Thank You

I sincerely thank you for your time to learn more about me.

If you have any questions at all please reach out and contact me...

I'm here to help you find the answers you are looking for!


Realm Reader

Realm Reader

Reiki Master

Reiki Master

Life Purpose Coach

Life Purpose Coach

Angel Intuitive

Angel Intuitive

Crystal Reiki Master

Crystal Reiki Master



Certified Angel Card Reader

Angel Card Reader

Certified Crystal Reader

Angel Card Reader


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