Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Prepare For a Reading:

For the most accurate readings please provide any of the following. These are not required however they help me "tune-in" to that person, item, animal or event.

  • Full birthdate including year.

  • Physical or digital photographs.

  • Accurate spelling of original first name and nicknames.

  • Meet in-person to hold hands for the strongest heart connection.

  • Contact details in your smartphone (I will not look however will place my hand over their contact card when in person)

  • A personally worn item (jewelry, shoe, glasses, clothing, pet collar, etc.)


How We Connect:

In-Person, Skype, or Phone Call, Text


Questions to Ask:

You may ask a specific question or just ask what your Angels / guides would like you to know today.


How I Receive Answers:

I work with over 40 oracle and tarot decks, automatic writing, verbal channeling, clairvoyant visions, claircognizant thoughts, and clairsentient feelings when holding hands or objects.

As I communicate directly with my Angels for guidance they lead me to the best form of intuitive guidance for you.


What You Will Receive:

After your reading you will be sent via e-mail all automatic writing notes and pictures of oracle or tarot cards from your session. You may also record our session with the Voice Recorder on your phone.


Payment Methods:


Refunds and Guarantee:

If for some reason I feel a block and cannot connect to provide answers you will be provided a full refund. This has only happened a handful of times out of hundreds of readings to date.

If you are a no-show for a scheduled reading you forfeit 50% of the service fee.


Your Privacy:

All readings are 100% confidental and a waiver is signed at the time of your reading ensuring for both of our confidentiality so that we can speak candidly.

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